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Oracle 12c Recovering a lost /corrupted table of a Pluggable database from RMAN Backup




Oracle 12c has automated table level recovery using RMAN. If you lose a table in a pluggable database after user error or get data destroyed because of user or application issue, you can easily restore and recover that table to point in time when issue happened using a single RMAN Command.

Recover table anuj.my_jobs of pluggable database PDB1 until scn 1837963 auxiliary destination '     ';


It is a lot easier in Oracle 12c.Below are the requirements for using RMAN table restore

1. Initialization parameter compatible  is set to 12.0 or higher
2. Database is running in archive log mode
3. Control file auto backup is enabled before level 0 backup
5. Table should not be residing in system table space
6. Level 0 backup  and all desired backups are available

Oracle 12c -Table Recovery in from RMAN Backups -part2.docx
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