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Database Tablespace FreeSpace


Query for Database Tablespace Free Space

set pagesize 100;
set linesize 200;
col file_name format a50;
select a.tablespace_name,a.bytes MB_used,b.bytes MB_free,round(((a.bytes-b.bytes)/a.bytes)*100,0) percent_used
from (select tablespace_name,ceil(sum(bytes/1024/1024)) bytes from dba_data_files group by TABLESPACE_NAME) a, (select
tablespace_name,ceil(sum(bytes/1024/1024)) bytes from dba_free_space group by tablespace_name) b
where a.tablespace_name=b.tablespace_name order by round(((a.bytes-b.bytes)/a.bytes)*100,0) desc;

Posted on : 2/21/2014 by Anuj
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