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Container and Pluggable databases Part5



Create a pluggable database clone from existing pluggable database in different CDB

Source CDB: CDB1
Source PDB: Anuj
Target CDB: CDB2
Target PDB: Mohan


Connect to CDB1 and place Anuj in read only mode

Connect to CDB2 as sys and run clone command

SQL>create pluggable database mohan from anuj@CDB2_dbl** admin user sys identified by

          sys_pwd file_name_convert = (/u01/pdbs/anuj,/u01/pdbs/mohan);

SQL> alter pluggable database Mohan open;

if using a common user you need to grant "create pluggable database" container=all

Endian format, character set, etc. must be compatible between CDBs

**  CDB2_dbl is database link used for communication between CDB1 and CDB2

Posted on : 5/13/2015 by Anuj
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