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Exadata Write-Back Flash Cache


What is Write back Flash cache?

Write back flash cache provides the ability to cache write I/Os directly to PCI flash in addition to read I/Os.
Exadata storage software version is the minimum version required to use write back flash cache.
Using Exadata storage software version, Exadata Smart Flash Cache is persistent across Exadata Storage server restarts.


2. What software and hardware versions are supported?


Write-back Smart Flash Cache requirement has been amended to state that both grid infrastructure and database homes must run or later.

Database homes running that cannot promptly upgrade to to meet the amended requirement must install Patch 17342825.

As long as the minimum software requirements are met, any Exadata hardware with flashcache (V2 and later) can take advantage of this feature.


Ref.   100257.1

Posted on : 4/28/2018 by Anuj
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