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Verify Database and ASM instances use same SPFILE


Benefit / Impact:

All instances for a particular database or ASM cluster should be using the same spfile. Making changes to databases and ASM instances needs to be done in a reliable and consistent way across all instances.


Multiple 'sources of truth' can cause confusion and possibly unintended values being set.

Action / Repair:

Verify what spfile is used across all instances of one particular ASM or database cluster. If multiple spfiles for one database are found, provide a recommendation to consolidate them into one.

Scope includes all machine types, os types and db versions

SQL> select name, value from gv$parameter where name = 'spfile';


NAME                           VALUE

------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------

spfile                         +DATA/racone/spfileracone.ora


The value for pfile should be empty:

SQL> select name, value from gv$parameter where name = 'pfile';

no rows selected


Ref: 1274318.1

Posted on : 1/21/2018 by Anuj
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