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Oracle Open World 2019 - Slides


I presented two sessions this year at Oracle Open World. Below are the details and slides I presented.

Histograms (In Oracle Database 11g to Oracle Database 19c) Could Be Your Friend [CON2934]

In this session learn what histograms are and how they can be useful to you. Topics covered for Oracle Database 11g histograms include frequency histograms and height-balanced histograms. Topics covered for Oracle Database 12c Histograms include challenges with Oracle Database 11g histograms, top frequency histograms, and hybrid histograms. The session also covers Oracle Database 18c histograms and Oracle Database 19c histograms.

Multitenant 12.1 to Multitenant 18c: Technical Deep Dive [CON4483]
Database 18c pluggable databases offer numerous options for the cloud. In this session walk through Exadata Multitenant for cloud/on-premise databases. Topics covered include container database (CDB)/pluggable database (PDB) concepts, PDB value, shared/exclusive components, and accessing CDBs/PDBs. The session briefly covers migration options to 12c/18c from previous versions and then delves into Oracle Database 12c R2/18c features including PDB relocate, lockdown profiles, system global area/program global area for PDB, memory I/O resource prioritization, snapshot carousel, dynamic lockdown profiles, CDB fleet management, and new features in Oracle Database 19c if time permits.

Please see attached below both slides.

Posted on : 10/10/2019 by Anuj
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