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Database 19c New Features


Hello All,

Oracle database 19c introduced a lot of new features.I am going to start a new series of blogs related to 19c new features. Over the next few months I will be picking below 19c new features and explain you with examples.

  • Automatic Indexing

  • Automatic SQL Plan Management

  • Real-Time Statistics

  • High-Frequency Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection

  • Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) Support for Pluggable Databases (PDBs)


  • SQL Quarantine

  • Database In-Memory Wait on Populate

  • Resource Manager Automatically Enabled for Database In-Memory

  • Memoptimized Rowstore Fast Ingest

  • Workload Capture and Replay in a PDB


Stay tuned and keep reading...

Posted on : 5/28/2020 by Anuj
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