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Oracle has introduced industry breakthrough enhancement in patch set 1 of existing database 12c, called In-Memory.

Traditionally, Oracle stores data in tables in form of rows. This new feature will allow to store data in memory in columnar format.

Storing data in columnar format give multiple times performance gain for DSS systems where you tend to retrieve fewer columns with multiple rows and this performance enhancement is further multiplied when you retrieve that data from memory instead of slower disks.

High level steps

It's one of the easiest features to implement. You can implement it in three steps.

1. Define parameter INMEMORY_SIZE in MB/GB.

Download PDF document to read full article
Download zip file for scripts

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*** This document is for learning purpose only.

Oracle database 12c In-Memory option_07242014-Anuj Mohan.pdf

Posted on : 7/24/2014 by Anuj
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